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(sorry had to make this one quick)

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Pre-order your very own pair of Axent Wear cat ear headphones on our indiegogo! http://igg.me/at/AxentWear/x/7458195

A special shout out to our lovely models: Erica, Nicole, Stella, and Colin! Not only do they look awesome with Axent Wear headphones, but they are all highly intelligent UCBerkeley graduates and Ph.D students. As a matter of fact, the entire Axent Wear team is composed of only Berkeley grads and Ph.D students, including our talented photographers, Helen and Daniel.

When not working on headphones, our team members are busy with their research and studies ranging from art, mechanical engineering, political economy, computer science, architecture and curing cancer! We are very lucky to have such a diverse and talented team come together for this fun project. We will all work hard to bring you the best cat ear headphones!

Thank you all for the constant love and support!

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The competition is fierce.
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The competition is fierce.

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you lose indie points if your fave band has a wikipedia page or any google search results

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-at family gathering-

Mom: show everyone your sketchbook… everyone wants to see your art

Me: image

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a smile I want to protect

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Battle Kid: FINALE - ALL of Arin's Rants
Game Grumps
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From this video

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Spooky Scary Togepi

Hello there! My name's Kimi and this here's my blog where I post things that make me laugh/smile, things having to do with video games or my favourite shows, and cute things! Feel free to pop on by and say hello! I'm always happy to meet someone who shares my tastes :)